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A business model with multiple value creation

The current economy is based on exploitation, consumption, short-term use and much waste. The switch to a circular economy is a big one. There’s a lot we don’t know, collectively. Exploring innovative theories can help find clarity in the possibilities. This lifemap scenario offers a fictional but realistic journey of discovery with the compass poster. The main themes for the starting situation of the initiative are pictured on the poster. The context of Doughnut Economics is added. The theory of multiple value creation of New Business Models is applied. Transformation symbols make visible any possibilities for change. The principles for multiple value creation help to determine a value-based strategy, to realise vision and goals. 


Lifemap building blocks

Compass poster. Multiple value stickers (under development) and city stickers. Transformation symbols.

A workshop programme

Cities too are exploring Doughnut Economics, looking at what it means to ensure a healthy social foundation and at the same time, to weigh up the ecological impact, with the planetary boundaries in mind. In this lifemap scenario, an initiative in a city is central. The Doughnut model is introduced as the context. This has a high level of abstraction, but it is important to become familiar with it. The theory of multiple value creation of New Business Models is introduced and applied in the modelling of the business model. Four participants decide the main themes together and chart the starting situation on the poster – divided into four paths: taking care of yourself (the team members), taking care of others (relationships, stakeholders, communities), taking care of the place (and the thoughtful use of materials and space required) and taking care of the earth (the environment, the region, nature). The social vision and goals are also pictured here. Transformation symbols are added. A choice is made from the set of principles for multiple value creation in order to jointly determine a social, material and financial strategy. A workshop programme of at least three half days works well for this scenario.

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