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Archetypal voices shaping the integral city together

Bees collect nectar to make honey for the hive and at the same time they spread pollen for plants and trees in the wider area. How can humans learn from the bees? How can a city provide for its own needs and act responsibly towards the eco-regions that feed it? In a lifemap workshop 4 archetypal voices in the city go on a journey of discovery to find answers: civil servant, business manager, not-for-profit manager and citizen. Each participant maps his or her current reality on the poster and shares it with the others. This is is followed by a dialogue about the future of the city. In the last round of the workshop they play out the story of the bees. The workshop offers a safe process for deep listening and ideation. It is a realistic experience. It inspires the mind and touches the heart.


At the beginning of 2022 a journey will start that will lead through many cities, inviting people to represent the archetypal voices in their city themselves and to record the outcomes. The lifemap materials will be sent to them free of charge. An experienced host will guide the workshop free of charge. At the end of the journey all workshop outcomes will be brought together in a visual presentation. In this way, the journey becomes a tribute to the cities, areas and places where we live. Interested? Participation is based on invitation. Let us hear from you via the contact form.

Symbols are telling the story of the bees
honingbij 1
honey pot
honingbij 2
bij bloem

Lifemap building blocks

The lifemap building blocks for each participant are: life’s path poster (M/F), city stickers and a subset of the transformation symbols – the symbols, shown above – which help to find ways to collect nectar and pollinate plants and trees in the area.

For the city and the stakeholders

What is the purpose of this city? Which vision would come to the fore, when the stakeholders would join forces? This lifemap scenario will invite workshop participants to raise their awareness. It will create involvement and it’s designed to be a basis for joint vision building. Bringing the voices in the city together will inspire at the start of a project, help promote citizen participation at an event, or activate people at a conference. No prior knowledge or experience is required for participation.

The workshop programme

Coming from the city’s perspective, each archetypal voice maps present and future on a poster, using the city stickers. They then listen in depth to the stories, depicted on each poster. This is followed by a dialogue about differences and similarities, causes and consequences. Merging the perspectives brings out priorities and possibilities. The Master Code of Care: Taking care of self, others, place and planet provides guidance for the ideation process to co-create the future. The workshop programme has several rounds, each of which adds new insight and information. Both the posters and the outcomes of the rounds for exchange are part of the harvest. After collecting the harvest, the group of participants will fill in a presentation template to summarise and visualise the outcomes. Special attention is paid to privacy. When the outcomes of the whole journey have been collected in an online exhibition, later on, the groups are contacted again to give their consent.


Workshops can be helt in person or online – in which case the lifemap materials are sent to the participants or to a group coordinator. Information will be shared through email and a short introduction – via Zoom or in person – follows. The participants then fill in their poster at home or on location. Photos of each filled in poster of the group(s) of four are made and shared. In a (Zoom) workshop of about 3 hours, breaks included,  participants work out the story of the scenario: Archetypal voices shaping the integral city together. The host will be available for questions during the whole process and guide the group through the workshop rounds.

Privacy and security

How the built-in lifemap process faciliates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the workshop and in the persentation of the harvest will be discussed elaborately, in advance.

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