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Archetypes in the city encounter each other

An integral city based on the example of the beehive. Bee populations work to provide enough food for themselves and at the same time distribute pollen for trees and plants. A journey of discovery with the city as the backdrop helps you discover how to follow their example, by applying the Master Code of Care: Take care of yourself, others, the place, the planet. And by working with four archetypes in a division of roles also used by bees: citizens, civil servants, business innovators and social organisations. Each of the four archetypes charts its own present and future prospects. This is driven by a greater goal for the city. Combining the prospects of the four archetypes reveals priorities and possible collaborations and these ideas are converted into actions through dialogue.


Lifemap building blocks

Life’s path poster (M/F), city stickers, transformation symbols.

A workshop programme

A programme of two half days is appropriate for this scenario.  Participants immerse themselves in their city and the greater goal. They will represent it when they assume the role and function of the archetypes. In case of an online situation, the lifemap materials are sent to the home/work addresses of the participants. They fill in their posters and send photos of it to the workshop host. They come together online to share their stories, find questions and answers, research for commonalities and differences and exchange ideas.

There are several variations of this scenario. One such variation is to give it a social context, such as the current situation with COVID-19. Another possibility is to focus the greater goal on the city’s young people, with young people taking part in the workshop.  Or by designing workshops for 4 groups, each of which works out one of the archetypes. The most realistic scenario is when the workshop is set up for the stakeholders who live or work in the city and perform the role and function of the archetype in real life, that city’s vision being imparted as a greater goal. Charting the current situation and near future on the posters will give a lifelike reflection of reality.

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