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Completely yourself

It’s easier to be happy and contented when you are able to be who you are. This takes an open heart, introspection, balance and attunement. Using important life themes, you chart your life’s journey. You see yourself reflected in your past and understand how your motives, shadow side and character traits have influenced this. You focus on the future and get inspiration from everything that has already brought you meaning and lasting results. Plus… it does you good to see your life laid out in front of you. In this lifemap, you experience how you can read your completed poster like a travel guide and use it to learn from your own life.



Lifemap building blocks

Life’s path poster (M/F), Life, shadow, motive and role model stickers.

Mini course

The three lifemaps for in depth self-searching have each been developed into a mini course, but can also be combined into one larger course. They serve as an example to show interested coaches, trainers and counselors what is possible with the lifemap building blocks.

Experience, outcomes

  • Milestone 1: you make a reflection of your life course on the poster with your life themes as stepping stones. You look for your character traits, motives and shadow side and add them to this. You will find the archetypes within yourself that add vibrancy and sparkle to your journey.
  • Milestone 2: you examine how you have worked with your character traits and how you have a choice in what you are expressing. You see how your personal motives point you in the direction of your satisfaction and happiness. You understand the distinction between the shadow side of your personality and the ballast you carry with you. In all of this you will find tools for the future.
  • Milestone 3: you zoom in on what has made you happy for a long time, what has brought you fulfilment and meaning. In this you will recognise qualities of your destination. You get ideas on how you can use them to achieve your life goals in the future.
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