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Forming a worldview and finding your role in it

We live in a world in which the conditions for life are declining. The story of climate change, pollution, loss of nature and biodiversity is revealed. It starts on a global scale and ends with the individual. We look at the dark side and tune into the bright points. Each workshop participant depicts the story on the poster. The landscape elements on the poster are used to make a systemic constellation, as it were. By personally stepping into this and taking a position, a personal worldview is revealed. There is an exchange of ideas along the way, in which participants help each other to clarify their vision and motivate each other to actually apply that vision.


Lifemap building blocks

Blue planet poster, climate change stickers, transformation symbols.

Workshop programme

This scenario fits in a 3-hour workshop with 4 participants, each with their own poster. It is well suited to working on it online. As the story is being told, the picture on the poster is being constructed by means of climate change stickers and transformation symbols. There is a group exchange about causes and about the question: what is it that motivates people here? Subsequently, new themes are introduced, sparking collective ideas. One crucial element in the process is the participant’s own uniqueness and choosing the appropriate place in the poster. Everything that emerges from the dialogue the participants have on this scenario is used to further develop sticker sets, allowing this scenario to be explored more profoundly.

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