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Leading a creative life

Everybody makes the best of their lives, in relation to the possibilities and circumstances present. You create your life from one moment to the other. You decide and steer the direction as you go, based on your beliefs and actions; you create outcomes and give meaning to your life. You visualise your life on the poster from your position as its designer. You get insight into which of your aspects helped you with this. You reflect on which creative powers you have used and that gives you a feeling of your role as creator. You gather inspiration and ideas with which to take a position in life as an active influencer of that life. And… you can feel confident applying what you experience when experimenting with it in real life.



Lifemap building blocks

Life’s path poster (M/F). Outcome, creating and role model stickers. Creating symbols.

Mini course

The three lifemaps for in depth self-searching have each been developed into a mini course, but can also be combined into one larger course. They serve as an example to show interested coaches, trainers and counselors what is possible with the lifemap building blocks.

Experience, outcomes

  • Milestone 1: you make your important creations visible on the poster. You chart every outcome as well as the aspect of your personality that has especially helped you in realising this outcome. While doing this, you will get an impression of your versatility when it comes to creating.
  • Milestone 2: you find out which creative powers you have been able to harness to bring about each outcome. You realise how much experience you already have with creating and you are inspired to do more with it. You challenge yourself to work with little-used creative powers in the future.
  • Milestone 3: with the creating symbols you give more meaning to what is on the poster. You apply a deeper layer, as it were. You get to know the principles of creating and you become aware of where you have applied them or not (yet). At the end of this process you will have an overview of a number of ‘laws’ in creating. You will benefit from that throughout your life.
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