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Life in 3 questions

Who are you, what do you stand for and are you where you want to be? These are the three key life questions highlighted in the ebook. In a pointed and clear way so that everyone understands and with pictures that add something. You read throughout life. You get inspiration because it is written so positively. It helps you to get an overview and see the big picture. It gives you something to hold on to to work on self-insight. You get clear what is important to you when you want to create and change your life. In your personal life or your work. For yourself or your coaching and training practice.
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Your own copy

If you want to receive the ebook for FREE as a PDF, please leave a message. You will receive it by e-mail no later than one working day after receipt.

A training for self-development or art of living

Anyone who reads the ebook will notice: it simply requires elaboration by a professional trainer. The content can serve as a framework for an (online) workbook in building a training for self-development or the art of living. The individual pictures in the ebook are made available to those who wish to serve as a reference.

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