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Lifemap Self-portrait

You can use this lifemap to create quickly and easily an overview of what’s important in your life and what requires your attention. Things which in your mind might be comprehensive and complex will be there, laid out clearly for you on the completed map. You’ll recognise the points you see yourself most strongly in, your priorities will be revealed, you’ll find ideas and see the next steps to be taken to get you closer to your dreams and goals. You will get self-confidence and inspiration for the future from the things that make you happy and contented.


The lifemap

Lifemap Self-portrait has been developed as an example of a ‘ready-to-use’ product, intended for self-motivation. Its parts: a table poster, life stickers, life symbols and explanation are packed in a reusable transparent envelope. Lifemap Self-portrait takes 45 minutes for fast doers. For those who want to deepen their self-discovery, there are extra questions that take another 1 to 2 hours.

Lifemap building blocks

Landscape poster (M/F), life stickers, life symbols.

Experience and outcomes

Milestone 1: you take an overview photo on the poster of what is going on in your life here and now. It clearly shows what is important to you and how you think and feel about it.

Milestone 2: you see everything in front of you that you are fully satisfied and happy with. These are the ideal examples to apply in other areas of life.

Milestone 3: with the symbol stickers you give more meaning to what is on the poster. You will also find out what could bring you further on each life theme.

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