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Recognising the soul in your life and work

We live in a busy, complex and fast-changing world. As an individual it is crucial for you to see yourself clearly, know who you are and what a fulfilling life means to you. While we are becoming aware of the fact that everything is connected, the current world situation shows that as humanity we are not able yet to work from unity, interdependence and togetherness.  So what is crucial at the collective level is to learn to work together, bridging differences. Jointly creating an overarching vision inspires and helps with decision-making. This lifemap scenario is about being aware that your life matters and that cooperation is promoted when both the I’s and the WE are fully present.


The image shows the lifemap building blocks

A lifemap scenario and workshop for a self-chosen group of four. Each group member works with the lifemap building blocks shown in the image: the compass poster, life’s work, value and rolemodel stickers, and life’s mission symbols.

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario

Everything is connected. The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario is to offer an experience of meeting each other and working together from the soul. An experience which will show the power and love of a conscious I, combined with an inspired and inclusive WE.

For inner guidance and for cooperation based in togetherness

Life is a process of giving and receiving, in a continuous exchange between the self and the environment. This scenario has two angles: the individual and the collective, which are reflected in alternating rounds in the workshop programme. When people are in a state of being close to their heart, joy comes through. When they, in this state, come together in a group, strong and loving connections are formed and great things can be accomplished.

Purpose of the individual work is to create a filled-in poster, which reflects who you are. The first round of the workshop programme is to choose the life’s work themes which are relevant to you and filling in the past, present and the desired future on the poster. Adding the life’s mission symbols helps to recognise what is at the heart of your life and at the core of your work. Symbols are added next to the life’s work themes, in relation to which you have experienced them. A round of exchange follows, in which the personal stories, depicted on each poster, are shared in the group. Group members help each other to get to the core of things.

In a second round of individual work core values are added to the map. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, living from your core values leads you towards the expression of your deepest self. Playfulness is a form of joy. Choosing the roles in your life that match with who you are and adding those to the poster, creates positive energy and inspiration. Again, a group exchange follows, in which people tell each other about the meaning of the core values in their life. The others listen with full attention. After a short break people introduce themselves to the group by telling about their chosen role models and what they would like those to bring into their life. Every form of collaboration or partnership fares well when there is a shared vision and direction. A group brainstorm follows, to explore the core (shared) values and brainstorm about what the combined qualities and strength of the collection of role models would mean for the relationships and collaboration in the group.

In this lifemap scenario life's mission symbols help to get a sense of soul

Workshop programme

A workshop programme with an alternation of individual mapping and group exchange works well for this lifemap scenario, possibly with time in between to let things sink in. This makes it suitable to be hosted online, through Zoom. A quiet and harmonious environment, such as at home, is ideal while filling in the poster. After the mapping people come together as a group to tell each other their stories. Without discussion, only listening profoundly and giving feedback in the form of positive reinforcement and open questions. Another round of individual work follows, after which the group convenes again to explore (common) values and use the role models in a brainstorm to create a joint vision. With consent of the group members, a private recording can be made, to enable people to listen back to their own and other’s life stories. An indication for the duration of the programme could be half a day of self-motivation, in total, spread over several days and two (to three) rounds of exchange of 2 – 3 hours each.

Personal safety and privacy

How the built-in lifemap process faciliates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the workshop and in the presentation of the harvest will be discussed elaborately, in advance.

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