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Recognising the soul in your work, choosing your life goals

You can get on perfectly fine without life goals and mission but if you do work with them, they help you at the times when you need direction or when you want to make an important decision. You start by laying out your life’s journey, using the most important themes from your life’s work as a framework. Then you add your unique talents. You subsequently indicate on the poster what drives you and on the other hand, what prevents you from experiencing meaning and fulfilment. Lastly, you complete the poster with life’s mission symbols, which make it perfectly clear which things are essential to you in your life. From here, you can define your mission and life goals.


Lifemap building blocks

Life’s path poster (M/F). Life’s mission, shadow, motive and quality stickers. Life’s mission symbols.

Mini course

This lifemap starts with half a day of self-motivation, followed by a half-day workshop – in the ‘light’ version – or elaborated in a mini-course of three half-days, spread over one or two months.

Experience, outcomes

  • Milestone 1: you make visible on the poster which themes in your life are essential. You examine which unique qualities you have brought in to express yourself. You experience how, by asking yourself questions, you can draw conclusions from this image to discover your life goals.
  • Milestone 2: you add to each theme the motive and shadow aspects, which have come to the fore in it. You will gain insight into your essential motives and how you can recognise your mission in them. You build your life’s mission statement based on examples from your own life. From now on, they can give you direction and help you make important choices. You understand how to accept your shadow and what function it has, in the light of your life’s mission.
  • Milestone 3: the life’s mission symbols are an instrument to recognise what is at the heart of your life and the core of your work. Insight in this gives you a handle to check in the future whether something has the qualities for you to belong to your life’s goals and mission.
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