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Invitation to go on a joint journey of discovery for the human hive

Inspired by the theme of the World Unity Week 2021: Let’s do something!

Ellen van Dongen, Lifemaps.NL: co-creating lifemaps for Integral City

Kockengen, Netherlands. 2021-06-22

A project with two aspects

  1. To go on a journey through cities, bringing together the 4+ archetypal voices in workshops using lifemaps for Integral City to discover what following the guidance of the Master Code of Care would mean to the voices and their cities.
  2. To collect the harvest from the workshops, create an (online) collection of ‘city portraits’ and make the output available to a broader audience, in honour of the great places where we dwell.    

An invitation to participate

An  invitation is made to all members of Co-Creating Europe (CCE) and people in the Integral City (IC) meshwork, to bring together a group of 4 people in a city for a lifemap workshop: Archetypal voices in the integral city working together – in short: The 4 voices. Hosting is offered for free. The workshop materials are also for free and will be sent to the group coordinator at no cost. In exchange each group is asked to commit to harvest the outcomes in a clear, creative and inviting way, so that they can be used to inform and inspire their city and involve a broader audience. Are you interested, please send a message to Ellen van Dongen, using the contact form on

Purpose and considerations

Living in the Anthropocene comes with a responsibility for humanity to learn how to honour the planetary boundaries and take its role in finding a (dynamic) balance with other species and all life. It comes with a responsibility to correct what is not working, to deal with the worldwide challenges and create conditions for the whole earth to thrive.

Change starts with each of us, through the steps that we take every day. The Master Code of Care: Taking care of self, others, place and planet – see Integral City vision, mission and values – will help discover stepping stones on the way and will be a guideline for each choice we make. 

In the 4 Voices workshop participants will discover how to relate to each and all of the voices, find out what connects the voices and what sets them apart, and have a dialogue about the big questions that exist in the reality of the city today. A stream of ideas will surface during the workshop. Having represented a voice and told its story, having experienced deep attention from the other voices, participants find out which would be key themes for their city to focus on, now and in the near future.

Underlying all of this participating in the workshop makes people aware of the importance of citizenship and of becoming a world citizen. Working with the Master Code of Care will touch people in the heart and sharing this experience will bring in energy to take action. Applying the Master Code of Care to honour the city makes participants aware of the importance of the place – be it at the city and its eco-region level, or be it at the level of the place where people live and work.

The main function of the 4 Voices workshop itself will be one of awareness raising. Collecting and studying the outcomes together will create involvement and trust, shed light on the importance of the city as a human hive and bring in ideas and inspiration, grounded in reality.

Project set-up

  • Overall project management: Ellen van Dongen
  • Planning: open-ended with 1 or 2 workshops per month.
  • Inviting coordinators of city projects: through contacts, events and (social) media of the CCE and IC networks.
  • Involving, agreement and informing people, sending materials, scheduling a city project: Ellen in cooperation with the city group coordinator.
  • Fine-tuning the scenario and workshop design for each particular city, likewise.
  • Co-hosting of the city project workshop: Ellen or an experienced member of the IC lifemaps programme with the city group coordinator, depending whether it is face-to-face or online.
  • Involving people for a city project, organising the workshop, design of the harvest(ing) and production of the materials showing the outcomes: the city group coordinator together with the group.
  • Creative support for city group coordinators to help design the presentation of the harvest, TBD.
  • At a chosen point in the overall journey creating a graphical book or online exhibition of the outcomes: Ellen, creative and publishing support, others (?), TBD.


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