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Taking care of self, others, place, planet. By working with the Master Code of Care, we can give it significance and subsequently find a direction for our actions
7 Keys in unity

In the first half of 2021 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a new assessment report. Scientists have extrapolated, that the point in time when the earth will see an event of major climate change impact will not be in 2030 but earlier: in 2026. Again, a moment for the world to reflect on the urgency for change and direction for action. Individuals, too, have to decide which role to play, which steps to take, to prepare for the new reality. A big dream is hidden in all that is lifemaps, about oneness and love, about life as a continuous creation and evolution. Perhaps this dream might help us to overcome fear and inspire our choices.

The vision becomes concrete by applying the Master Code of Care

The vision for the lifemaps at the service of Integral City is comprehensive, but is made concrete in a coherent set of learning experiences and journeys of discovery, in which the Master Code of Care is applied: Taking care of yourself, others, place and planet. Each lifemap for Integral City tells its own story. The aim is to offer experiences in which people can connect to societal and global issues, discover new information about their own unique position, role and mission, and determine a realistic and environmentally friendly course for the future.

Archetypal voices shaping the integral city together
Archetypes werken samen aan de integrale stad

A city based on the example of the beehive, taking care of both the population and the eco-regions which feed the city every day. Archetypical voices leading each other in their way of living according to the Master Code of Care. A major goal, such as creating more peace through unity in the city.  By listening profoundly to the individual stories depicted on the posters, crucial themes, similarities and differences emerge. By entering into the resulting dialogue, participants discover ideas and possibilities that can further the major goal.

Becoming a world citizen in a Doughnut Economy
Being a world citizen in a Doughnut Economy

In today’s world, we still have a long way to go when it comes to an economy that takes the limits of the earth into account, by doing business in a circular way with responsibility for the impact throughout the chain and by working in a value-oriented way. This lifemap scenario is intended to shed light on the individual perspective in the economy, with people as enterprising citizens and as households. One’s own reality is depicted on the poster and relevant theory is introduced in order to gain new ideas and explore possibilities for the future.

Forming a worldview and finding your role in it

Connecting to climate change

Everyone has their own worldview, consciously chosen as well as coloured from within. Becoming a global citizen means more than just having a collection of opinions and beliefs about the world. It means turning these into real involvement and actively expressing them in one’s own life. In this lifemap, a personal worldview is formed in outline, with climate change as the central theme. The story about climate change and the decline of nature is told and on the basis of this the worldview is depicted on the poster, using stickers. Then follows choosing one’s own position in the playing field. New ideas provide direction for future action.

Recognising the soul in your work and your life
Following your life’s mission

Everyone’s contribution counts, all talents are important. In this complex world it is crucial to know yourself, to know what drives you and what you would like to contribute to. This lifemap is about creating overview and clarity in your personal life and work. Going over the overview on the poster you get an indication, an impression, a feeling, about your life goals. This will help you when you want to find direction or need to make choices. The mapping and discovery process in this lifemap is designed not only for more reflective people but also for busy doers.

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