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What does it mean, to be a human being, in these times of climate change and decline of nature? How can I understand this and find ways to express this in my personal life and work? How can I be of service in these challenging times? Those are the underlying questions in the lifemaps for transformation – for the city and the stakeholders – for individuals, initiatives and organizations.

Lifemaps help to visualize what is going on and how to make sense of it, individually and collectively. They provide a realistic overview, show connections and priorities, and indicators for action. While working with superordinate goals and principles, they point towards new perspective. They are infused with love.

Lifemaps.NL Wereldbol

The vision

The earth, the Blue Planet, dear to us all. Man, the dominant species, has learned to respect its limits. Nature has its own rights, now. Humankind has evolved. Every individual gifted uniquely, every talent put to use. Living and working together in harmony, making responsible choices. A union of global citizens to cope with the most complex challenges. Wisdom councils to govern our places of residence and companies. We cherish the places where we are, care for all life and bring nature back to fruition. As the future-determining species on earth, we choose to create favourable conditions for other species and ecosystems to thrive. We are the ancestors to rely on, for next generations. We cannot live by dreaming alone, but I know, that I need a loving and all-inclusive perspective to see in front of me, every day of my life.

The mission

It has taken us a long time to become aware of what is happening. Despite our efforts, in the coming decennia, life conditions on earth will deteriorate further. This calls for transformative change, at all levels: economy, governments, cities, businesses, individuals. Everyone is needed, all talents count.

It is my aspiration to learn to live according to The Master Code: Taking care of self, others, place, planet. Taking care of all four, at every step. What does that entail? How can I/we do this? Where can I/we find new ways? Working with these questions is my mission for the lifemaps.

Choosing for transformation

Exploring seven keys

I created lifemaps to help me reinvent myself after a burn-out.  To find my bearings again and redetermine my core principles. Coming from a sense of Oneness, experiencing life as continuous creation and evolution, I uncovered 7 keys and explored them to redefine my contribution in the world: being who I am, living my purpose, seeing the whole reality, co-creating with life, conscious entrepreneurship, harmonious communities, taking care of place and the earth. Outcomes, in terms of lifemaps, are six do-it-yourself lifemaps, several ready-to-use workshops and a number of sticker and symbol sets. The 7 keys are incorporated in each and every lifemap building block. Currently,  only a part of the building blocks is available in English. The rest will be translated, soon.

Visualization for change

A lifemap is a combination of a table poster and several sticker sets. It can carry a multi-layered process: intuitive mapping of reality, doing research based on the map, chosing priorities and creating a compass for the future. There are ready-to-use lifemaps for personal transformation, and pre-structured scenarios to visualize your world view, reflect about world citizenship and imagine your place in a natural world. I will develop new scenarios for the individual perspective. Lifemap scenarios for the collective perspective are developed in co-creation with a core question owner. In these cases sticker sets will be tailor-made, based on the input of the collective and will reflect the real situation, in context.

Wereldplek poster

Lifemaps for Integral City

While I was developing lifemap scenarios, sticker and symbol sets, I was also a member of the Integral City Constellation team. Last year both pathways came together when I found my special mission: to discover the hidden and forgotten connections between humankind and nature. To create awareness of what this means, for the individual, community, business, civil society and government. I believe, that making all this explicit, will open up new pathways leading to a more natural world. In which humans not only take care of self and others, but also of place and planet. I found out, that the city as an entity is ideally positioned for this mission, because it is clear to all, that the material, the locality and the local conditions are part of its being. New lifemap developments in English will be informed and inspired by Integral City.

Urban Hub Volume 20

Urban Hub is a series of graphical books, produced by Paul Van Schaik, Integral Mentors. Marilyn Hamilton, Integral City, has curated a new volume: Accelerating City Change in a VUCA World, with special focus on Climate Change. I had the pleasure of contributing to it with Lifemaps for Integral City.



About Ellen

Mother. Nature lover. Biologist. A long career in systemic business development and strategic consulting, value based, purpose oriented. A burn-out brought new consciousness. An inward journey followed, to become more real and embody the fullness of who I am. Sharing all this and continuing the journey of emergence, learning and creating, is deeply fulfilling. Each of us finding inner guidance, together choosing to bring Oneness into practice. You are most welcome to contact me directly or connect on LinkedIn.

Warm regards, Ellen van Dongen, Kockengen, The Netherlands.

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